• outdoor adventure influencer

    Embrace the Suck

    I am so terrified of sucking at things. I avoid the things that are scary and intimidating because of my deep fear of failure. On some level, it’s superficial. When I’m embarrassed I blush hard and it becomes a big production…

  • How to feel adventurous every day

    How To Feel Adventurous Every Day

      Oh that adventure thing that instagrammers do so well. It’s hard for me to believe anymore. It’s not reality. Sometimes the people who mean to “inspire” and uplift actually leave their audiences feeling like they aren’t adventurous enough and they…

  • Life

    Thanks Nature, For Saving My Life

    I’m an anxious person. I’ve known that for a long time. Back in highschool I started noticing that I was worrying about things I knew were small. They paralyzed me. Tossing and turning in bed all night mulling over small…