Two Days in Olympic National Park

Skipped a few hours of school on a Friday afternoon to hop into an SUV with three people I barely knew to head into Olympic National Park from Vancouver, BC.

We aimed to hit all of the beaches and hot springs we could as we travelled counter-clockwise around Olympic National Park. We got to the parking lot of the hot springs around 10:30 pm and it was pitch black so we had no hope of getting to the campsites. We set up an air mattress in the back of the car and piled in. At the crack of dawn off we set to float in the sulfur pools. To our pleasant surprise, there was nobody out there! We spent two hours chilling, shooting and watching our silver rings turn black (luckily this is a chemical reaction that can be reversed).

From there we continued our Olympic National Park road trip and hit up Forks, WA. From there we stopped at Ruby Beach, where it rained us out and so we went farther south to Kalaloch. The tree of life resides there. I urge you to go to Olympic National Park to see it for yourself, it’s pretty incredible.

On the way out we stayed at an Airbnb in Olympia which was adorable and our hosts were so kind. If you’re thinking of doing the same here’s $45 in travel credit when you sign up and book.

Here’s a glimpse of what to expect…


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