When I was in South East Asia it took me a long time to figure out that Airbnb could actually be cheaper than the hostel sites. Some bungalows in Thailand cost $10 a night when split between two people. Here are my favourite Airbnb’s in Thailand

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  1. Koh Pha Ngan

    Notorious for the full moon party, this island often gets mixed reviews because a lot of people stay at hostels by the full moon beach which is psycho and gross from the debauchery that occurs here. I stayed farther away from that beach and found the area to be clean, the beaches to be serene and the bungalows to be abundant and cheap. Honestly, I wish I stayed longer. Talk about underrated!

  2. Koh Tao 

    Hands down my favourite Thai Island, Koh Tao is the perfect blend of party and peace. Hostels are the way to go here so I have chosen this hostel which is a steal at $16 a night.

  3. Koh Samui koh samui airbnb

    The most elaborate of all the islands is definitely Koh Samui. With an abundance of spas, shops and restaurants, you’ll probably spend the most money here and for good reason, splurge on the pampering. The Lazy Days beach resort is only one of the many affordable spots you can find.

  4. Koh Phi Phi                         Koh phi phi airbnb

    I made the mistake of staying in a hostel right in the midst of all the action on the beach of Koh Phi Phi. It was loud and abnoxious until 3 am every night. From our hostel we could see these beautiful bungalows around the beach in the jungley mountainside. After a few nights I was so jealous of the peace and quiet the people renting them could escape to. Here’s an affordable option I’d recommend!