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I am so terrified of sucking at things. I avoid the things that are scary and intimidating because of my deep fear of failure.

On some level, it’s superficial. When I’m embarrassed I blush hard and it becomes a big production that you can see from the back of a room making everything worse. In other ways, it runs deep. It psychs me out of doing great things all the time. It stopped me from writing on this blog many times because I fear that no one will read or care about what I have to say. It stopped me from putting my whole heart into my passions and stopped me from reaching out to people who I admire.

Not doing something because you’re scared means you’ve already failed.

Did I ever tell you I once had a fashion blog? Ya, that’s something I failed at hard. But it taught me extraordinary things:
  • It taught me that website design is hard work but I loved it.
  • It taught me that I’d rather wear a paper bag in the woods than designer boots in the city.
  • It taught me that overspending on trivial items was not how I wanted to live my life.
  • It changed me into a person I didn’t like so I knew it was time for a do-over.

Which brought me to where I am today, that adventure girl from Canada.

I had no idea how to use a DSLR when I started dabbling in photography in 2015. My photos sucked and my blog posts were rushed and unedited. I’m still learning SEO and I still suck at it.
I still use a cute Canon Rebel T1i with a variety of lenses (considered pretty amateur), which just goes to show that what you do with the things in your life is WAY more important than the actual things.
I started a vlog too. I knew nothing about editing or shooting really. Watching and listening to myself on camera for the first time was quite the experience. I learned to laugh at how bad I was and still am at things like vlogging. That was the only way for me to cope with my failure-fear. Turns out, people still read this blog, comment on my photos, and watch my vlogs.

In order to be moderately good at something, you have to suck at it first.

That popular YouTuber? They had to YouTube how to use all the features in Adobe Premiere Pro once or twice or a thousand times.
That travel blogger? They were rejected by companies for years before they got any paid vacation.
Oprah? She was fired from her first job.
So you know what- failure is awesome. Failure means you’re trying and trying means you’re creating opportunities for yourself. Every time you fail you have a chance to get up, dust yourself off and do it again. For every 10 people that say no, there’s one person who will say yes. So run. Run fast, straight at every opportunity you think might be a wall.
  • The more you mess up, the more you will learn.
  • The more things you throw at the wall, the more chances you have for something to stick.
  • Laugh at how much you suck and people will laugh with you.
  • Get your heart broken and choose to try out the love thing again and again and again.
  • You fail a friendship (or they fail you), apologize, and forgive immediately.
Every extraordinary person in their field once sucked at what they do. Don’t be afraid to be bad in the beginning.

Embrace the suck.