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    My 4 Favourite Airbnb Stays in Thailand

    When I was in South East Asia it took me a long time to figure out that Airbnb could actually be cheaper than the hostel sites. Some bungalows in Thailand cost $10 a night when split between two people. Here are…

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    A Quick Guide to Thailand for Budget Travellers

    Oh Thailand, the most backpacker friendly/sunburn mandatory/party til you can’t stay up anymore country I have ever been to. It’s also incredibly cheap if you do a bit of thinking and saving dollars makes me gitty so I have gifted you…

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    Lessons Learned: 5 months in South East Asia

      If you’re thinking about going to South East Asia, do it. Just go and don’t look back. Once you step off the plane and you’re hit with the humidity you won’t want to, trust me. I went to South…

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    We Are All Lost

    Oh the good ole quarter-life crisis. It hits all of us at one point during our twenties. Sometimes multiple times where you suddenly have no idea what direction you’re headed and you don’t know if you’re going to like where…