My name is Marie! Pleasure to meet you.

I am a 22-year old, outdoor lifestyle and wedding photographer born in Mississauga, Ontario. I’m a Leo, and have all the classic qualities associated with the sign: roamer, leader, lover. I decided to bring intention into my life back in 2015 when my curiosity led me to the west coast of Canada for a change of scenery from the city. I loved the way my breath sounded and the way that air smelled as I ascended mountains. I became so close to my raw inner desires being immersed in just nature, nothing else, that I felt others could benefit from me sharing those experiences. Since then I’ve been dedicated to photographing the earth, having deep meaningful connections with other beautiful people and pushing my body to its endurance limits.

I hike, I photograph and I spread helpful words of wisdom about the best views I come across. So take off your coat, put on some good runners and stay a while!

Need an outdoor lifestyle photographer who’s based in Canada? Check out my work or Contact Me for pricing packages.

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